Dr. Rashel Anti-aging Moisture Sun Spray SPF 60 ++ Protection


Dr Rashel anti-aging and moisture sun spray with a sun protection factor of 60++ is easy-to-apply as it has a continuous spray which provides smooth, gap-less  and even coverage and absorbs fast inti skin. Provides protection against both uva & uvb sun rays. It therefore protects skin against sunburns and prevents premature skin ageing, sun induced wrinkles and fine lines. Usability is made easy as it can be sprayed from any position.protects skin from sunburns.prevents premature skin ageing.hydrates and soothes skin.protects from uva/uvb.water and sweat resistant.up to 48 hours of protection.absorbs instantly.leaves skin feeling silky smooth.
For proper usage and effectivity, use 15 minutes before exposure to the sun. Shake well before use. Spray thoroughly by hand and evenly spread over all exposed areas. Keep the container 4 to 6cm away from skin for application. Do not spray directly on face

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